Introduction: The Egg of "La Mitad Del Mundo" (scene)


I made this project because it was a school assignment, which was very different and fun, its purpose was to recreate an element of a touristic place in my country. Thanks to it, I discovered Tinkercad and learned how to use it. I decided to make the egg of "La Mitad del Mundo" which is located in Quito, Ecuador. I chose to recreate it because it's a different thing that not everyone would do and its also known worldwide. Even though I haven't gone there jet, it is on my travel bucket list. In Tinkercad you can do pretty much everything and it's really easy, for this project I used many objects that this app offered, like the egg, lines, cubes, a cylinder, etc. For creating it, first I spend time thinking what part of my country I would like to recreate, then I planned what objects I would like to use, and finally I started giving form to it. I think that it turned out really well.


  1. An electronic device
  2. Tinkercad website or app

Step 1: Construction of the Floor

For the floor, I used "Voronoi" which you can find in "Shape Generators" "Starred" and a cube.

First I added the cube, flattened and lengthened it as a line, put it in the center and changed the color to yellow. Then, I placed the Voronoi on each side in a rectangular form and turned it gray.

Step 2: Construction of the Background

For the background I used cubes, a cylinder, text and a sphere.

First I turned the cube into a big brown rectangle and put it in the back. Then I made a smaller rectangle with the same color and placed it on top of the big one. After that I placed a small black cylinder on top of both rectangles and put the gray sphere on top of it. Finally, I used the text tool to type the E (east) and placed it in the top center of the big rectangle.

Step 3: Construction of the Stand With the Egg

My tools were: cylinders, egg and cube.

First, for the stand, I dragged a gray cylinder and put it in the center. Then I turned a gray cube into a rectangle and placed it on top of the cylinder. After that I made a small gray cylinder and put it in the center of the rectangle. Finally, I added an egg on top of the stand.

Step 4: Construction of the Sky

For the sky I used the scribble tool, that its located in "Basic Forms"

I drew the form of a cloud and placed it in the sky. Then, I just copied and pasted it 4 times.

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