The Ginger Mojito Mocktail

Introduction: The Ginger Mojito Mocktail

The Ginger Mojito is one of my own concoctions that I have recently created for the cocktail Vs. mocktail contest.

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

-cheese grater
-shot glass
-martini glass or similar container
-1 tsp. measuring spoon

-soda water
-lemon concentrate
-ginger root

Step 2: Preparation

Take your martini glass and fill it up with cold tap water. Take a few ice cubes and put them in your glass. set aside. In your regular glass add a 3rd of a shot of lemon concentrate. Next put your grater over the top of your glass and push your ginger root across twice. Next measure out a teaspoon and a half of sugar and add it to the mix. It's okay if it isn't thoroughly mixed up. It will dissolve when the soda water is added. Next add three shots of soda water in your glass. Mix any remaining sugar into the completed mix.

Step 3: Finnishing It Off

Take your martini glass and dump out the water leaving the ice still in the glass. Carefully pour the drink into the glass. for a garnish you can add a lemon slice to the edge.

-Instead of using sugar you can use honey. It is harder to mix up so I tend to avoid it.
-you can use lime concentrate in place of lemon.

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    10 years ago on Step 3

    Sounds yummy. One comment though. It looks as if you are using a beautiful depression vaseline glass and a black light for the presentation. It definitely has the wow factor, but in case you were not aware, vaseline glass contains uranium. That is what glows under black light. Wonderful to look at, but it leaches into the drink and is unhealthy if used often. Use other glasses so you can be around a long time to share many mocktails. :)


    11 years ago on Step 3

    You may use a couple of spoons warm water to mix the honey. After that you may mix it with the rest of the water easily.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    1) if i use store-bought ground ginger how much should i use? 2) do i have to use soda water?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Just a very small pinch. A little goes a long way. No you don't have to but I find that it really helps the flavor.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I usually dont like ginger, but this is really good. 5 stars and my vote!