The Hanger Stuffer

Introduction: The Hanger Stuffer

Have you ever had issues with stashing junk in an organized fashion or is you closest a mess. Well, the Hanger stuffer is your answer. I have always had trouble finding access storage to store my stuff that I would like to keep without spending a lot of money on high dollar storage crates. I have thought of a way to store that stuff so one can store their stuff for cheep, but in an organized fashion like storage containers. The picture one sees below is just a sample. The hanger would have a devise that holds material so your stuff is not just throne on the ground. One just hangs the hanger up and it is that easy. This takes up far less room than a container plus one can just hang it up like one would hang up their clothes. The Hanger Stuffer would come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any person. The Hanger Stuffer would be far cheaper than plastic container one would buy at the store. Just remember would you rather spend hundreds of dollars on containers that take up a lot of space, or would you want a Hanger Stuffer. You decide.

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