Introduction: The Infinity Cube

The Infinity Cube is the homemade model of a cube fidget. The mechanism of the fidget intrigued me to create this.
Devising the mechanism was so fun and full of patterns. It looks like 2*2 cube, consisting of 8 small cubes. The original fidget is made of metal or plastic blocks with hinges and thin rods. Here I have made use of paper as well as tape as the main resource. If you have 8 similar wooden blocks, then you can just tape it with the instructions given in my first ever instructable, below.

Materials required:
* Two Craft Papers of A4 size
* Transparent tape
* Scale
* Pencil
* Scissors

Step 1: Preparing the Materials for Cube Construction

To make a cube we need 6 pieces of 4cm*4cm paper for 6 faces of a cube
With a total of 8 cubes - 4 of Blue and 4 of orange
The total number of Blue pieces and Orange pieces required are 24 of each colour

Make markings on the A4 paper to make 6*4 grid each grid with measurements of 4cm*4cm
Cut them down and you have the bits to start your Infinite cube!

Step 2: Folding a Face of the Cube

Image 1: Make marking as shown(this marking is made because no crease should be made on that line)
Image 2: Fold one edge to the drawn line and crease
Image 3: Similar to Image 2 , both edges creased.
Image 4:Marking mid line( Same purpose as in Image 1)
Image 5 Fold either edges and creasing
Image 6: Tadaa! Flip it over and you have a side of a cube!
But make 47 more pieces to proceed to next step, it's easy!

Step 3: Constructing the Cube

The cube requires 6 such faces from previous step
Look into the video to know how to construct the cube. It's easy and simple.
Image 1: Fleet of 48 faces!
Image 2: Simple requirement for making a cube.(6 Faces)

Step 4: Taping the Cubes

The most crucial part of making The Infinite Cube. This is the mechanism that took time to devise (Sorry that one cube's been badly scribbled upon). The pen markings joining each cube in the images are the places where they are taped.
Checkout the video carefully
Image 1: Pair up cubes as shown.
Image 2: Tape up each pair on the top as shown with the pen marking.
Image 3: Flip the left side pairs clockwise by one face and the right pairs anticlockwise by one face. Then tape the
centre two cubes as shown.
Image 4: Third taping ( Check Video).
Image 5: Fourth taping (Check Video).

Step 5: Taping the Paper Cube

Just the same. The images are here for reference.

Step 6: Go Infinite With Infinity Cube

That's it now enjoy your Infinity Cube. Keep fiddling with it.
For better usage use some adhesive like fevi-quick , apply on the edges of each cube so that they don't just come away.

Thank you for reading my first ever Instructable! Do comment your ideas. And please do vote it!

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