Introduction: The Infinity Scarf Strikes Again!

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Sometimes serendipity strikes. While browsing a garage sale this summer, I found a beautiful remnant of fabric at the bottom of a box. It was too cheap to pass up! Since it was sheer, I didn't want to use it for clothing such as a skirt.  I decided to reprise the infinity scarf that I made as my first instructable. This is a very light piece that I hope to give much love to for the rest of the summer. 
About two hours or so to finish. 

Step 1: Materials

--Awesome fabric remnant (mine was a rectangle about 40" long and 20" wide)
--a package of 1/2 Bias tape
--Sewing machine
--Thread the same color as bias tape

Step 2: Prep

Wash and Iron! Yes, it's annoying, but if you unearthed your fabric from a box at a garage sale, you can't be too careful. Also, it will be wrinkled as an elephant's butt. 

Step 3: First Seam....

I laid out my rectangle right side up, then folded it in half longways. The right sides together, of course. I pinned the long side together and ran a seam down it. 

Step 4: Trim

Ta-da, seam. Trim the excess as close as you can to your stitches. Now turn that baby right side out. 

Step 5: Bias Tape

Pin the bias tape onto the raw edges of the fabric as shown in the image. I opted not to put bias tape on the folded edge, but you could do all four instead of three. Run a seam about 6mm in from the raw edge.

Step 6: Finishing the Bias Tape

Trim off the seams as close as you can. Now take the free edge of the bias tape and fold it over to the other side of the fabric. Pin it down as shown. This is the front. The back looks like the second picture. 

Step 7: Sew!

Sew along the edge of the bias tape that is NOT the raw edge. You are sealing the raw edge in with the tape. 
Huzzah! You have a scarf! You can either sew the two short edges together to make a circle, or leave it open. 
Now go out and conquer the world with your DIY smarts.