Introduction: The Lady and Kong

A challenging idea I came up with after seeing photos of a "carry me" costume.

Step 1: Gorilla Body

Making Kong's body was easy. I had this blanket sized piece of furry black fabric which I cut the front and back and arms. Sewn together with zippers on the sides and suspenders at the top. The chest piece was originally from a child's superhero costume which I cut out the chest part and spray painted black. The hands are a faux leather fabric, fingers have foam tubing pieces. Inside the arms are swimming pool noodle foam tubes, and a cord running from the hands up through to where the shoulders would connect to the body. Some internal material was also sewn in to support where the suspenders are attached. A strap added to the left hand that would wrap around the Lady's waist.

The Gorilla feet were bought through eBay. I attached some elastic to wrap around my ankles and found some lightweight shoes that fit inside perfectly. Then two strips of black furry fabric with hook and eye for the ankles. A fake chain also around the ankles attached by twist ties.

A thin fabric internal short pants worn beneath the furry suit for comfort. A strip of foam covered to hook around my hips beneath the gorilla chest to simulate shoulders, and a half inflated pillow tucked in back (behind my shins) created some fullness to the gorilla backside.

Step 2: Gorilla Head

Layered foam, glued together then cut and shaped for the head. Foam pieces added for eyebrow, mug, cheeks. The jaws started with coated wire and plastic teeth, then lots of hot glue. Layers of hot glue (not the clear kind) eventually dry and look like gums. Some red fabric for a tongue. Bouncy ball eyes set into holes cut into the foam. Pink and black thin fabrics glued around eyes and jaws, then face covered with black faux leather fabric...all hot glued. Pieces of black furry fabric cut and added in layers to finish covering the head and hide the foam. Wire attached to jaws also runs through and out back of head for support purposes later. And a small block of foam covered by black furry fabric made a neck to hold up the head. These would be strung onto a belt.

So the gorilla head, neck, and body are seperate pieces.

Step 3: Lady Legs, Shoes, Butt

Floating swimming pool noodles are the base of the legs. Cut to bend at knees and molded with a soldering iron to shape ankles, feet and toes. Thin layers of batting/cushion lining taped and glued to create thighs and shins, then covered with multiple layers of little pantyhose. Also a wire cord runs through center for attachment purposes later.

The mini high heel shoes are made of styrofoam, cereal box type cardboard, white fabric straps, and lots of hot glue. Then spray painted white.

The top part of pantyhose filled with stuffing and shaped into buttcheeks, then panties sewn on and loops at the top. These will have a belt through them.

So the legs and the butt are two separate pieces which will be strung onto the same belt as the head and neck of the gorilla.

Step 4: The Lady

Adding extra hair to an old wig to make it bigger, watching numerous YouTube videos on how to do drag queen makeup, the Lady was meant to look extravagant. False eyelashes, red satin gloves, and gaudy jewelry finished it.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Starting with applying all the makeup, then the wig. And in this order: the bra and inner short comfort pants, the shoes/gorilla feet and furry ankles, and the chain attached to one ankle. Next the fur suit, once the chain is through finish attaching to other ankle while still able to bend over. Insert pillow and strap on chest/shoulder pad, then put on suspenders and zip up sides. String the butt, lady legs, gorilla head, and neck through a sturdy belt and put on tightly, adjusting the position of all the appendixes. Add the dress, making sure it covers the leg tops and most of the butt. Finally hook the strap of the gorilla's left hand around waist and it's ready to go!

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