Introduction: The Lamplighter's Lamp

This is a wall lamp made up of a piece of wood( with a big hole), a piece of paper( printed on both sides), and a LED strip, pretty easy but can be really beautiful and poetic.

The picture and the words are from my favorite story- The Little Prince(Le Petit Prince), in chapter 14 there's a lamplighter(L'allumeur), who gets into trouble for obeying the rules, should rules be obeyed all the time? I don't know, all I know is that when you light up a lamp, you light up a star. Lights can cure.

Step 1: Wood With a Hole

Actually this was left from the previous lamp I made, the circle cut served as the base of that lamp, but when I see this, I immediately see another lamp

Step 2: File the Edge and Corner

Step 3: Attach the LED Strip

At first I wanted to place the LED strip right inside the circular hole, but it turned out that it was too long and too bright at such a close distance, so then I changed my mind and put it outside the hole

Step 4: Adhere the LED Strip

At first I used hot glue to adhere the LED strip to the wood board, then added an acrylic board, but later I found out that the hot glue wasn't strong enough( maybe it melted a little bit when the LED was on and gave out heat).

So I turned to use a kind of strong adhesive that worked on rubber and prevented heat better.

I also attached a support to the lamp so that it could stand firmly, of course, those hardware for hanging it on the wall are also a good idea.

Step 5: Pic & Poem

Select a picture/photo/painting that you adore, print it, you may need some experiments to try to find the fittest place and size of it.

Now it gets trickier if you print some words,or a poem on the back of the paper~we'll see what's gonna happen:D

Step 6: Stick the Paper to the Wood Lamp

This is how it looks when light's off. Kinda a decoration hanging on the wall/ standing on the table

Step 7: Light's ON!

When light's on, the hidden image suddenly appears, along with this warm light, you know the lamplighter starts his work again.