Introduction: The Lazy Daisy Stitch

The lazy daisy stitch is a stitch that is very easy to learn, and has many uses. This instructable only shows how to make a daisy with the stitch, but that is of course not the only way you could use it. I am a beginner myself, so my finished stitch is not an ideal stitch by any means.


To learn this stitch, you need basic embroidery supplies:

--An embroidery hoop

--Embroidery floss

--Scissors (of any kind, although sewing scissors work best)

--An embroidery need

Step 1: The First Step

Once you've threaded and tied the floss, put it through the fabric.

Step 2: The Second Step

Then, turn the needle around and put it back into the hole that the needle came out of. Now, slowly pull the needle until you have the size that you want your stitch to be.

Step 3: The Third Step

When you have the stitch at the size you want it to be at, put the needle at the very tip of the stitch, but still inside. Pull the needle up, all the way. Be careful not to pull the stitch too much at this point, because it will turn into a line. Then, put the needle just outside of the stitch and pull down. This small stitch will tie it down.

Step 4: The Last Step

After you have tied the stitch down, pull your needle up from the original hole, at the tip of the stitch. Repeat the stitches until you're done!

The lazy daisy stitch is a beginner stitch. It's fun to do, and it's fun to figure out different uses for it. I hope you learned how to do the lazy daisy stitch from this instructable!