Introduction: The Lazy Laptop Holder Shelving



" I choose lazy people because they will find the shortest solutions"

I am a lazy person and I usually sleep while watching movie on laptop on bed and in the middle of the night or about to sleep I feel lazy to keep it on the table so I thought of making a small laptop shelf and can be closed using the shoe laces system as we can tight to close when not in use or when we want to clean the floor and even If we dont need the shelf if you want to move it to some other place just remove the velcro as simple as that.

Step 1:

Six Velcro rings are attached to the bed to provide a good support to the shelf. The rings are surrounding the bed which is made of steel.

Step 2:

The Shelf cum case made up of cloth and several folding are present on the edges of the shelf to provide an adjustable opening. Moreover, two cardboard planks are inserted on the top and bottom of the shelf. The shelf is stuck to the Velcro rings. The Velcro is also attached on top of the cloth

Step 3:

This is the shelf underneath the bed where the laptop could be placed directly after we switch it off, there's no need to get up from the bed to place our laptop on the table we can just slide it underneath our bed.

Step 4:

This is the view of the shelf. The green shoe laces are to provide the adjustment to the opening.

Step 5:

A laptop placed in shelf underneath the bed.

Step 6:

Taking it out when in use.

Step 7:

Placing it back.