Introduction: The Little Bits DJ's Style

We have decided to make a spin table. We made the spin table by scratch. Instead of using electronics and computers we have decided to useLittle Bits. We wanted to do a spin table inspired by little bits to try something new. While everyone has usual instruments, we tried to make something different. Why did we want to do a spin table? We have decided to make a spin table because we wanted to produce music in a way that it is used in the 21st century.

Step 1: Grab a Box

Find a box or the suit case pencil boxes

Step 2: Circuit

You need to put the circuit on a piece of wood or on top of the box.

Step 3: Straw With Oscillator

Place a straw on top of the oscillator knob.

Step 4: Plates on the Straw

Place a plate on the straw, and cut off the straw so you can't see it anymore.

Step 5: Decorate and Play

Decorate your disc and your plates, then start playing Jingle Bells.