Introduction: The Macramé Cube Video Production

This is an instructables to describe the process that went into creating a concept video.

The video involves the idea of a "knot" as created by the macramé technique of the dress the dancer wears.

A geometric cube was created to represent the idea of a "knot", ropes were tied to create pathways for the dancer to move but she always exist within this "knot". The dancer exists, reacts, and interrupts this space.

The cube refers to the associations of restriction, confinement, and rules, with the creation of it's own language and opportunities. The dancer wears the knotted garment and struggles within the space defined by ropes that cut and shape internal boundaries and opportunities of the cube. She exists in a newly defined "knot".


Architecture design and Installation Team: Kasra Shekari, Kamil Gagala, Nathan Conrad Video Team:

Film: Al Farhood, Jasmine Chen

Post production: Al Farhood

Dress from Nika Tang Spring/Summer 2014 collection, hand woven in traditional macrame technique, in sueded silk yarn.

Dancer: Marlowe Bassett

Step 1: Step 1: Build the Cube

Step 1:

We created a 10 foot by 10 foot cube from metal rods we bought from Home Depot with 3 directional joint connectors.

Nails were drilled into the rods to be attachment points where we can thread the string around to cut into the 3dimensional space created by the cube.

Step 2: Step 2: Lighting and Smoke Machine

We had lighting set up and testing by our two video guys.

You can probably rent any equipment from your school or local photography/video store.

We did a basic set up of:

(2) 500ws Total lights. Kit includes: (2) stands, (2) umbrellas, cords

We used Arri lights.

It helps to be in a room that can absolutely pitch black to create a dramatic effect. The lighting and the smoke with add a "film noire" feel to the video.

In our case we built our set in the school's main room and it high ceilings and sky lights so we had to build a black wall by stacking chairs up.

For our smoke machine set up, we borrowed two basic smoke machine from our friends but you can rent or buy one from local party supply stores. It also need a fog machine liquid, it should last for the whole shoot.

Step 3: Step 3: Finding Your Shot

We tested shots with people inside to see the results and composition and where to shoot. We want to get many locations and options and as much footage as possible so when we go to post production we can cut together many different clips.

We used whatever was around to build higher angles, from behind objects and separated the shots into three distances from the subject so that we would get close ups, body length and then overall shots.

Step 4: Step 4: Choreography

The space is a bit challenging for the dancer because there are many thing ropes creating the space she can move.

We tried many trials where she tested which pathways and spaces she can move around it and what type of movements are allowed within the space.

That is the most interesting part of the video because she had to create a conversation with this spatial "knot".

Step 5: Step 5: Music

In advance to filming, we decided on working with JumpSuit studios from soundcloud to make a custom mix for us.


We would add the sound in AfterEffects later with the video portion but we played the same song on the ipod so that the dancer can match her movements to the song.

We wanted the final video to be 1.5 minute long so each time as we finish we would have same section of the song and the same choreography as we are filming from different angles.

Step 6: Credits

Thanks to our team!

Hope this inspires you to create your own custom sets and video environments.

You can watch our final video on: