Introduction: The Maitlands

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 For years my girlfriend was trying to convince me to do a couple's costume, so when the topic of one of our favorite movies came up, I decided to try and make the iconic pulled-faces of the Maitlands from Beetlejuice.
These masks were created in 2011 and received wide recognition and awards both locally and through the internet.

There were not a lot of pictures of the process.
The pieces themselves are carved from insulation foam that was glued into a block. I then used sandpaper and a Dremel drill to make all the details. The pieces were then painted.
Really all you need is some good reference and a little time to make these. There were about 5 hours each to carve. After that, the painting went really fast. The inside of the mouth and eyes are sheer black fabric so we could see out.

Awards and recognitions:

-1st palce in NECA action figure Costume Contest 2011
-Winner of 1st annual Manic Moviegoer costume contest
-Winner of's Paranormal Phenomina Costume Contest
-2nd place in Casillero del Diablo's Legendary Halloween Costume Contest Artistically Crafted Costume Award
-The RPF 1st Runner Up
-Featured in Coroflot Members Gallery
-Featured on as a WIN!
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