The Melon Slicer (silly Solution)

Introduction: The Melon Slicer (silly Solution)

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The heat is up and we are always looking ways to keep cool, I often find it strange when people barbecue anything. You would not believe it but my next door neighbours grilling crazy is that?

I used Tinkercad as part of my homeschooling experience to find a solution to a everyday struggle, so I came up with a method to efficiently cut bite size melon cubes.

Link to the melon slicer Tinkercad


A PC to design and if you want a prototype then a 3D printer might be required
Tinkercad a free software for student and hobbyist and those who want to try something new.
Most importantly a creative mind

Step 1: Main Body

I began by noting the appropriate size for the slicer, this design can be tinkered to suit the user requirements.
A 30mm width by 300mm length.

I considered many factors which include
User requirements and experience...etc

Step 2: Designing the Mechanics

I did not want to over complicate my design, I stuck to a simple nut and bolt method to hold the rotating blades in place. I ended up designing a screw on nut to keep all components intact using basic cylindrical shapes, squares (box) etc...

Step 3: Designing the Blades

I could have added a 4 blade but I decidedly to go with 5 blade so there is more grip to scoop watermelons smoothly.
To figure out the angle of blades I calculated 360° divided by 5 which is 72° per blade.

Step 4: Assembly of Components

I am glad that I check the whole assembly of the project, when I was checking if all components fit together I immediately noticed that the blades were shaped in a linear cut. To solve that I gave a angular shape to the blades.

I added the circular hole in middle of the handle for easy storage.

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    1 year ago

    I would love to see it work :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yup, I don't have access to a 3d printer but I have tested it food grade materials and it works 😊