Introduction: The Most Efficient Distillation Method. Homemade Brandy Distillery System.

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In this presentation you can see how this system works which was specially designed to reduce the distillation time and save the wood material needed for combustion.

The assembly consists of:

1. The main copper boiler

2. Stainless steel secondary boiler that is heated by the heat from the first boiler

3.Wooden gutter that connects the two boilers

4.Cooler boiler

5.Barrels for collecting water

6.The tub where the distilled plums are trowed



For this kind of work you need a lot of materials and tools:

1. concrete bricks, cement, ballast, sand, refractory mortar and bricks adhesive

2. three types of bricks:

A-the bricks in the front are bricks resistant to high temperatures, they look beautifull but they are more expensive

B-the bricks behind the construction are also resistent to high temperatures but they are not so nice looking but they came at half of prince

C-some thin bricks, high temperature resistant for other building adjustments

3. steel beams, steel sewer caps, large aluminum pipe for smoke exhaustion, steel barrel,large steel pipe, steel wire, steel bars, large flexibile metal tube, aluminum sheet, thermal silicone, small glass balls, timber etc.

4. main copper boiler, second stainless steel boiler, water cooler boiler, huge old bath tub

5. a lot of tools: drilling machines and accesories, welder machine, wood circular saw, jig saw, metal hammer, rubber hammer, tape line, spirit level, steel and stone grinders, builder square, plastering tools, digging tools etc.

Step 1: Concrete Foundation.

First, we have to build the concrete base foundation where the main copper brandy boiler will be placed.

We need concrete bricks, self made concrete to fill the bricks and a large iron sewer cap.

Step 2: First Bricks.

We place the bricks using flexible adhesive and we mesure were the boiler metal support will be placed.

Step 3: The Gate Where We Put Firewood.

When we reach at the firewood gate maximum hight we place a horizontal metal bar and we continue to build.

Step 4: Preparations for the Safety of the Copper Boiler.

Here we make improvements for the boiler metal support structure. We are adding a sand layer with small glass balls in it to protect the boiler bottom angainst direct fire.

Step 5: Smoke/heat Exhausting System and the Metal Structure for the Secondary Boiler.

Here we have pictures of how we can build the exhaust system for smoke and heat. The system consists of large aluminum pipe and flexible aluminum tubes. Here we also prepare the metal structure for the secondary stainless steel boiler.

Step 6: Preparing the Place Where the Distilled Fruits Will Be Thrown.

We can do this using an old bath tub and we can protect this tub against corrosion applying additional rubber layer and linen.

Step 7: Smoke/heat Exhaustion System Design.

Here we deal with the holes where the flexible tubes come assembled, the hole for cleaning the aluminum smoke pipe and the smoke/heat control chamber.

Step 8: Mounting the Brandy Copper Boiler.

We got to the stage where we mounted the copper boiler. We make sure that the drain pipe is well fixed and protected from direct fire. We continue to build the bricks upwards and then we can pour the concrete slab.

Step 9: Secondary Stainless Steel Boiler Mounting.

Here is the part where we deal with the location of the stainless steel boiler that will be introduced in another metal barrel through which heat and smoke will pass from the copper boiler. We also build the smoke/heat control chamber here.

Step 10: The Last Finishes.

Here is the part we are building a wood gutter to join the two boilers and dealing with the latest finishes. We put thermal silicone on all the joints and brush the bricks and then prepare the distillation system.

Step 11: How It Works?

In the last part I will show you how the system works. While boiling the first copper boiler the heat will preheat the fruits from the stainless steel boiler. When the first boiler is ready, we start the fruits distilled on the drain pipe and reach the tub.Then we fix the wooden gutter and go outside to release the tops of the stainless steel boiler. The foreheads are already heated so it lasts very little until we put the lid and the copper pipe for a new distillation. After that we stick the joints with organic glue based on flour and wheat. It does not last long and then an aromatic beverage will flow. Thank you so much for watching!

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