Introduction: The Most Waterproof Tape Experiment

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The most watertight experiment, to conduct this experiment I have made little Tyvek pouches taped the part which I sewed, and filled them up with water. I wanted to see which tape has the best watertight results. The contestants are:

.1 Electrical tape

.2 Hurricane tape

.3 Duct tape (duh!)

Step 1: Setup

First I sewed a Tyvek triangle pouch, you can see the dimensions in the pictures.

Note: I tested the pouches without any tape as well, and the result is that the water dripped out easily.

Step 2: The Test

Last I filled them up one at a time and counted how many drops fell out in 3 seconds. Just so you know all of the tests had the same amount of water.

Step 3: The Results

After I tested each pouch about three times each I came up with the following results:

Electrical tape: approx. 15 drops per 3 seconds.

Hurricane tape: approx. 10 drops per 3 seconds.

Duct tape: 1 drop per 3 seconds.

Something interesting was that the gorilla tape started to separate where it's sticky sides were touching.

That's it for now, if you know any other tape that you think is waterproof then please put it in the comment section below.