Introduction: The Mouse Hole

The mouse hole is a simple toy for your cat, built with a box, paper, cotton pads, a piece of cloak and an Arduino.

This project was made as a school project and was my first project using the Arduino Yun.

Step 1: Getting the Items You Need

To build the mouse hole, you need:

-An Arduino (this instructable uses Arduino Yun)

-7 wires (including 2 long wires)

-A Flexiforce Pressure Sensor

-A Piëzo speaker

-A 220 Ohm Resistor

-A 16 Ohm Resistor


-Cotton pads (or another type of stuffing)


-A box

Step 2: Building the Arduino

Build your Arduino as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Coding the Arduino Program

Upload the code from the picture to your Arduino.

Step 4: Building the Box

-Cut out one side of the box, so your cat can peek into the box.

-Then, use the paper to create several pelletjes and put these into the box.

-Cut a small square or circle out of the back of the box.

Step 5: Building the Mouse

-Solder the long wires to the pressure sensor.

-Fold the cloth one time and put the cotton pads (or whatever stuffing you are using) between the flaps.

-Put the pressure sensor in between your stuffing (make sure the sensor lies in the middle of your mouse)

-Tie your mouse toy shut (make sure the wires of the pressure sensor stick out, but the sensor shouldn't be able to fall out the mouse)

-Stick the sensors wires together (I used paper to protect them)

-Put the mouse into the box and pull the wires through the circle or square in the back of the box and connect them to your Arduino (see step 2)

Step 6: Done

Enjoy the toy!