Introduction: The Movie Bucket

A Four-in-One food container for the movies!

Ever go to a Cinerom and not have enough hands to hold all your food? Ever drop your popcorn trying to get to your candy? Well then this 'ible is for

It is a container to hold popcorn, soda, and two packs of candy!

Step 1: The Stuff

Now for the suff you need:

* A sand bucket; Be sure its clean :D
* Some kind of curcular plastic disk; I found mine from a dispsable plastic container
* A clip
* A pen with a rubber grip; you are going to have to experement with which one fits snugly on the tube
* Sour cream container & Top
* Sissors
* Exacto knife
 And Hot glue <----'Da best!!

Step 2: Take Apart the Pen

Now take a pen, that has a rubber grip that fits snugly on the tube, and take the grip and toss the pen. The reason you put the rubber grip on the tube is so in the nest step, when the tube goes in the disk, it wont leak.

Step 3: Attaching the Seperator

The seperator seperates the soda and the popcorn. What you need to do is to wedge the disk in the bucket to see if its tight and can keep in liquid. Next take an exato knife a cut a hole in the disk just big enough to fit the rubber grip on the tube, and test.

Step 4: Build Candy Holders

This (along with the rest) is simple. Take your sour cream container and draw a line to divide it in half and cut.  After cut the bottom so it has a curve in it to fit on the bucket.

Step 5: Assemble

Glue on the container halfs on either side of the bucket. Attach the seperator and enjoy!