Introduction: The Multi-Electrictronics Organizer

Being a student during this online learning experience, I have learned to develop a workspace that holds all my day to day materials such as my laptop, headphones, calculators, pencils, etc. Either way, sometimes I misplace my materials or have them separated from their designated chargers, because of this I have to look for my charger and figure out where I can charge and sometimes I forget where I charge said electronics.

It is because of this that I wanted to create an organizer that allowed me to charge all the electronics in the same place, all you had to do was choose the wires/chargers you want and simply accommodate them in the box. I also wanted it to be small and include a small wirelesscharger that could stick out, this allows me to quickly place and remove my phone.

In my workspace, I also like to have many pens and pencils as well as post-its to be able to quickly write down my homework and notes. In this electric box, this feature is included, you can simply pull for a post-it and reach for a pen. Other features one could add if wanted is a pencilsharpener in the corner of the box as well as more wire organizers. For more wireorganizers you simply have yo make more cut-outs and pass the wire through it.


Box (recommended dimensions = 15 cm x 24 cm)

Black Paint

Glue Gun

15-20 Big Popsicle sticks

20-25 - Small Popsicle sticks


Wireless Charger

Step 1: Getting Your Desired Box and Size

To start off, you must choose a box and cut it to your desired measurements. For example, my box was an old toy box that I cut to measure 15 cm by 22 cm. After you have your box, I would recommend painting it and letting it dry while we work on something else.

Step 2: Wireless Charger

While the box is drying were going to move into working on the feature which is a wireless charger.

To begin the materials you are going to need about 10 Big Popsicle sticks, 10 Small Popsicle sticks, a Hot Glue Gun, something to cut, and of course a wireless charger.


To start you're going to want to get your wirelesscharger and tape a small cardboardsquare to the back, this way if you later decide to remove the wireless charger the glue won't stick to it. After gluing the cardboard glue 2 popsicle sticks from the edge of the cardboard to the left.


Grab 1 Big Popsicle stick and cut it so that is measures around 2-3 in, depending on the distance of the two previously glued popsicle sticks. Then that piece you cut will be glued at the bottom of two Small Popsicle sticks.


Then grab 4 Big Popsicle sticks and once again cut them to measure about 2-3 in, grab two and glue them together. Next, grab another Big Popsicle stick and cut it to measure also 2-3 in and glue the two pairs of the popsicle sticks vertically.


Glue what you made on Step 3 to the base you made in Step 2 (check picture)

Step 3: Wires

In order to connect your wires, you're going to want to label/mark where you want them. In the pictures attached to this step, I have marked with a pencil where I'm going to cut and pass the wires. The process is similar to sewing with a needle, your connect your wire and pass it through the hole you cut.

Step 4: Pencil Holder

For the pencil holder, you will need about 15 small popsicle sticks, 1 small stick, glue, and a small piece of cardboard that measure the height of the popsicle stick and that can hold about 8 popsicle sticks.

Step 1

Place and glue 8 popsicle sticks side by side in the cardboard cut out.

Step 2

Then, flip your cardboard and glue 4 popsicle sticks on top of each other and glue them in the corners of your cardboard

Step 3

Finally, just place 1 Big popsicle stick at the bottom of your cardboard. This is to hold your pencils and create a base.

Step 5: Post-Its Holder

This one is quite simple, all you need is 7 Small Popsicle sticks, glue, and a Post-It note packet.

Step 1

Grab you 7 Popsicle sticks and glue 3 on top of each other (do this twice).

Step 2

Then place the leftover popsicle stick and glue it so that it connects the two sets of 3 popsicle sticks together. You want to make it look like the letter H so glue the sick in the middle.

Step 3

Glue it in the box and slide your Post-It note packet.

Step 6: Almost Done

After you have all these individual parts, all you have left is putting them on the box.

Wireless Charger

The Wireless Charger will go on the right side of your box, this is where you had previously cut an opening.

Post It Note and Pencil Holder

These will go on the front of your box, side to side. You can choose on which side you want each.

Step 7: Preview of Product

Step 8: Creation Procces