Introduction: The OK! Campaign

Name: Dan Gomby

The OK! Campaign is a modern art installation meant to bring people together and shatter the illusion that the world is “ok”. Everyone has ideas of what they feel should be improved upon in their communities but often lack the opportunity to take initiative and pursue those ideas. The OK! Campaign is an outlet for everyone: an open environment where people can come together and share ideas of progress with one another.
This project is designed to generate interest in the community. By selling the Logo and slogan as art (prints, shirts, bumper stickers, mugs) we can create awareness greater than what the installation could generate alone. The goal is to become a traveling exhibit, eventually establishing permanent hubs at universities, community centers, museums, and businesses across the nation where people can come and openly express themselves, collaborate, and seek help in pursuing their ideas! It’s a push towards a common goal. A world where “ok” truly means OK.


I want to bombard the observer, almost forcing them to notice and delve deeper into trying to understand what, and ultimately how, the treatment of words and analogously problems can create different effects. By abstracting OK it reflects the notion that the word can take any form or meaning much like an idea. I will rent an art space for the location of my project. The next step is to set up the adhesive vinyl lettering ("OK) in a large room that has four white walls. Each wall will have an "OK" in a different font, size, and punctuation. This symbolizes how appearance and situations may change but the underlying root still remains. Together we can create an open environment catering to creativity and progress. 


The $25,000 from Jack Daniel's would be more than enough funding to jump start this project. To help spread the word about the OK! Campaign, I will sell shirts, bumper stickers, and more at the art opening to create an awareness greater than what my installation alone will be able to produce. Hopefully the art of the OK Campaign will become a symbol for change and progress. Documenting the process and ramifications of the art and projects in the future will also be a part of the project!

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