Introduction: The Model of a Portable Stick Prop

Warning: This is the paper version and model of a portable stick, not for real use.

How the idea works is that it’s portable and easy to travel with They can easily just press the red button on the top head of the stick so it extends out. If there is a time that the stick is not needed, they can put the lower parts back very similar to auto open/close umbrella. It can be used as a Halloween stick for fun.

What you need: 1 brown mailing tape, 1 transparent mailing tape, the small transparent tape is optional, scissors, knife, 1 piece of natural hard paper 25”*22” or so.

Step 1: Step 1

Make the first and top part which is is the biggest part. Use scissors to cut paper in to a trapezoid like shape as follows:

Step 2: Step 2

roll the paper just vertically:

Step 3: Step 3

Use transparent mailing tape to tape and close the opened part up. Here is the trick: what I did was to use small transparent tape to tape the top head and the end first to secure the position and size. Then I used big transparent mailing tape. Then I used the large brown mailing tape because it was strong enough to stick on it.

Step 4: Step 4

Use brown mailing tape to tape and cover the whole area of the single part:

Step 5: Step 5

Based on the steps above, make three more joined parts but each part becomes small to the end. Therefore, the best way to do is that the head part of the second one always matches the size of the end part of the previous one.

Step 6: Step 6

Similar to make the handle of the stick and when it’s finished, use knife to cut out the circle shape in order to insert the joined part.

Step 7: Step 7

Make two circles to fill up both side of the handle: 

first, use pencil to draw the outline of exact size;

second, cut it out bigger than the outline in order to fold it up;

third, cut about eight small cracks around the circle but don’t exceed the outline;

forth, fold each part along the outline up and tape it up;

finally, insert to both sides of the handle.

Step 8: Step 8

tape the end:

Step 9: Step 9

Connect the four individual parts. Do this by starting with the top largest piece, insert the larger end of the next piece into the smaller end of the largest piece. Continue with the rest of the pieces until you have one large stick. 

Step 10: Final Product

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