Introduction: The Perfect Dr. Who Fez and Mini Fez

Want to know how to make the perfect Dr. Who Fez.

With this tutorial, you can make a fez that is high quality and long lasting as well as very stylish.

Well here it is. My official way of making fezes!

Please do not use this tutorial to make products to sell. I sell them myself on my etsy page but i figure not everyone wants to make them. But this is a tutorial for the ones that do. :)



Step 1: Part 1: Gather Materials for Fez

These are the things you will be needing:

0. Pattern The small on is on an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper and the large one is on a 12x18" peice of paper

1. hot glue sticks (about 5)

2. hot glue gun

3. approx 1/3 yard of any fabric for lining or 7 inches fabric for mini fez

4. 1/3 yard of velvet or whatever fabric you would like outside fabric of the fez to be or 7 inches for mini fez

5. 1/2 yard of the thickest sew in stabilizer interfacing you can find or 7 inches for mini fez ( If you don't know what interfacing or stabilizer is just ask someone at the place you are shopping and they will lend you a hand)

6. 1 tassle (hobby lobby) both small and large

7. 1 make your own covered button about 3/4 inch (They look like this or 1/2 inch for mini fez

8. something to measure crown size

9. pen/marker

10. scissors

11. sewing machine or needle and thread


11. 5 inches any ribbon or elastic that will blend into your hair.

12. 2 hair clips

Step 2: Measure and Cut a Few Things...

Measure your head or get an approximation of what crown size you would like.

If you want the fez to sit on your head the way Dr. Whos does, make sure the size is smaller than the crown size of your head.

The pattern provided has different sizes marked on it. When you have selected your size from the pattern, trace it onto the stabilizer as well as a a circle 6" in diameter(which you will be trimming down to get the right size). You do not need to make room for any seam allowances for this part. Trace and cut out those shapes in interfacing only.

Once you've cut the interfacing pieces, cut out your fabric(pic 2) which includes a 1 inch border around the entire pattern piece. If you don't know many sewing terms, this is called a seam allowance.

Also cut the fez top fabric with a 1 inch border(pic 3).

When cutting lining, the top and sides only need a 1/2 in seam allowance but the bottom needs an inch seam allowance(pic 4)


Cut the exact size of the pattern for interfacing. Also cut a 3 inch circle in interfacing for the fez top. Then do the same directions for cutting the fabric and lining for the regular size fez.

Step 3: Fez Body

(pic1) Take your fez interfacing and sew the ends together. You do not need to use a zigzag stitch nor do you even need a sewing machine. You could hand sew everything if you'd like. Sew one end of the interfacing to the other Overlapping one side over the other by about a half inch.

Then take you fez fabric and turn it inside out around the outside of that interfacing piece , pinning the ends together. Make sure that you pin it together as tight against the interfacing as you can. If it isn't tight enough it will be wrinkly on the interfacing form. Also make sure that the interfacing form is directly in the middle of the fez fabric, with enough seam allowance on both the top and bottom.

Sew the fez fabric together and fit it around your interfacing form until it is snug.

(pic2) At the bottom of the fez, snip the edges all the way around, not quite all the way to the intefacing.

Glue along the inside edge of the interfacing a little at a time while pressing over the bottom edges that you just clipped. This does not have to be pretty. It will be covered later.

Then do the same for the top of the fez.

Pro Tip: DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT let the hot glue or hot glue gun touch the fabric on the outside of the fez. It will not come off and if you try to get it off, it WILL make it worse.

(pic3) I did not include a top for this pattern because the top size is different for ever fez size. And there are many different sizes. You can put the fez upside down on a piece of paper and trace it. cut that shape out and work it down until it is circle that fits into the inside top of the fez. Make sure that there is a small gap so that when you cover that piece, which you will cut out in interfacing, in fez fabric that it will fit in perfectly. If it is too small or too large, it just wont' work.

But when you do get that perfect size, cut it out in interfacing and place it over the top circle that you cut out of fez fabric. Cut V's into the seam allowances, but not too close to the center. You don't want those cuts appearing on the outside when you are finished. Glue the flaps down to the interfacing base. Then clip off all the excess so that it makes it a bit flatter.

Turn it over and your top should be done. Go ahead and place it inside the top of the fez to see if it fits perfectly on the inside of the top. If there is a gap, you will have to do this step over. If it's too big, the fez top will dip when you glue it in.

Once you've got the perfect top piece, glue it into place from the inside. Do this part slowly and gingerly. If the top falls out while you are glueing, glue can get everywhere and you will hate your life.


(pic4) You can get the perfect tassles at hobby lobby in a pack of 3. Cut one of the strings at the base of the tassle and burn the end of the strings or they will unravel.

Then sew the little tassel to the top of the middle of the fez by hand. Also sew on the cloth covered button.

Step 4: Fez Lining

(pic1) clip the top edge of the fez body lining, not the bottom.

Pin that edge around the circle piece of lining. Also pin the two end of the fez body lining together wear they meet. Sew this entire piece together.

Place the lining inside of the fez to check and see how well it fits. If it's not perfect it doesn't really matter, no one will see it anyways. But it's nice to have lining in your finished fez.

Lift up the edge of the lining where the wrong sides of the fez and lining touch. Glue down the circle part of the lining around the edges of the top of the fez. You can kinda finagle it around to make the lining sit in the fez nicely while the glue is still hot.

FOR MINI FEZ: (pic2) Cut 2 2.5 inch pieces of ribbon or elastic. This will be what the hair clips will grab onto to hold the fez onto your hair. Glue them to the inside of the fez about a half inch below the lip of the fez, making sure the ribbon comes above the bottom lip of the fez about a half inch...If you don't understand, just look at the picture. :p Then continue to the next step.


flip over the edges of the lining and pin them into place about 1/3" down from the lip of the fez. Then take a few pins out and glue down the edge, then repeat for the rest of the lining.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now to add your tassle and button.


Your large tassle comes in a pack of 2 at hobby lobby.

Cut the double tassle in half at the center. be careful. They WILL unravel if you let them. tape the end of one to keep it from unravelling. But for the one you will be using burn the end with a lighter until it becomes a peice of melded together thread bundle.

Bring that end down to the base of the tassle head and sew that end to the bottom of the rope coming out of the tassle. I hope that made sense....the picture is self explanitory anyways.:P

With that your tassle is done. Make your cloth covered button according to the directing and sew it down to the top center of the fez.

Step 6: Done!!!

Now your'e done. Enjoy your fez and fly away in your Tardis!

If you'd prefer to buy one of these fezes than make one, you can get one here on my etsy page. :P

Or you can just like me here on facebook to see lots of cool things that I make. :D

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