Introduction: The Perfect Steak on Grill

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Okay folks, this is my first instructable, and I have no photos to go with it other than a picture of me when I first assembled my grill), so take it easy on me :-)
No worries though - this is very easy and photos really are not necessary.

What you Need:
A good steak (or two or three, 5 or  5 if you are feeding my family)
A grill, preferably with multiple compartments (mine has small infrared burner and larger grill area)
A cast iron griddle (one with a flat section, no ribbed ones)
Real Butter, Virgin or EV Olive Oil, and seasoning (I like a bit of onion salt, pepper, and cayenne)

Preparing your steak and grill
Your steak should be room temperature, or very close when you place it on the grill. This helps to keep meat tender.
Start up one side of your grill (small side) as hot as it will go (600+ degrees works best) and place griddle on that side. Set other side of grill to normal temperature for charring (mine is almost perfect at medium temperature, around 350-400).

Take steak and rub (lightly) olive oil on both sides. This helps with heat induction on griddle. Season to liking.

Cooking Steak
Once grill is as heated up, take steak and put on griddle, about 45 seconds to a minute per side depending on thickness. Remove from griddle, throw over to charring grill, throw a slab of butter on top of it and just let it cook to desired temperature while butter melts in and over it. Flip for your char lines and put on plate.
I cook a medium rare steak at roughly 3/4 inch thick in about 3-4 minutes.
Finished steak will have a high-end restaurant flavor (with an almost almond flavor), be very juicy, and your family and friends will be commenting about it for weeks after the first try it once you get this method down.

I have friends that often bring the steaks over for my family just to have me cook theirs for them :-)
Happy Grilling.

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