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I like fishing, boating, and gardening as well as learning interesting ways to do things. This site is perfect for me because I like to "fiddle".


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  • I was looking through these old comments. Did you ever build one? I'd love to see some pics if you did.

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  • This depends on your variety. There are Summer bearing and their are ever-bearing varieties. If you live in an area that has less than 7 months of growing season, you will want summer bearing. If you live in an area like southern states where the growing season outdoors is 8-9 months, an everbearing variety like Quinalts (large fruit, medium to medium high sweetness) are very good and can start producing as early as mid-Spring and go to the end of Fall when temps drop into the 40's overnight.

    With the way you are doing them here Isad, it would be relatively easy to start them indoors 3-5 weeks before last frost (or your best estimation of it). Also, many growers use plastic to cover them in early Spring if they plant early and frost is expected. I live on the MS Coast and while hard freezes are rare, we can get them occasionally early Spring so many strawberry growers will use small row covers and start planting in mid February or early March outdoors. While most large growers are growing from previous year roots, those that do start with seeds can start as early as January to get the seedlings started and ready to plant by mid-February or early March.

    Yes, as long as you have full spectrum or the equivalent. Plants need blue light to grow vegetation and red to grow fruit. Look for LED lights that are specific for growing or if creating your own, make sure you have full spectrum diodes. LED grow lights need to be fairly close for optimal growing conditions (within 2 feet for sure, but the closer you get them the better so 6"-12" over vegetation is best).

    To expand upon Isadwdwadw's response, if you do not know how to test your pH of your soil, if you are in the US, your local extension service office should have soil testing kits for high accuracy or most times they can tell you what the range of pH is for the local area fairly well. You can amend your soil to adjust pH for optimal results.

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  • Interesting. I bet the watermelon added a nice flavor profile if they were cheese ravioli, but meat might taste a little funny. I like creative ideas like this. I kept thinking you were going to burn your butt on the fire though while cleaning out the melon. :)

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