Introduction: The Pringles Box Safe in Disguise

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Step 1: What You Need

You need
1.Pringles box
3.Black Acrylic paint
4.Paper towel

When using the knife have a adult assist you

Step 2: Were You Put Your Money

You will put your money in a pringles box and it will act as a disguise to your secret safe.
First cut a slit with the knife in the middle and keep the top on.
Use adult assistants when using a knife.

Step 3: The Acrylic Paint

The paint is used to cover the clear and open part and don't paint the slit.
Wait for it to dry until you go to the next step

Step 4: The Paper Towel

Put the paper towel in the slit because someone could see your money and take it.
Almost done.

Step 5: Put the Lid On

Put the lid on and you are ready to stick your money in there.
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