Introduction: The Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Game

Hello y'all, Hope you all had an amazing day today!! but today we are going to make a project about Pumpkin Bean bag toss game. A fun game for fall festival or Halloween party, we find this best for a backyard or a smaller event. Is a perfect game for ages 5 and up. If I can do it, you can do it !!! I hope you guys enjoy this game as I do. If you are interesting about The pumpkin bean bag toss game keep reading and follow the instruction/direction and reread just in case if you miss a step. Enjoy!!:)

Step 1: Supplies

1. A big round Pumpkin


3. Bean bag

4. Gloves

5. Sharp Knife

6. Trash bag or a newspaper

7. Trash can

8. Superglue

Step 2: Carving the Pumpkin

First, put on a gloves. Then, place the trash bag or a newspaper under your pumpkin. Next, cut the bottom Part of your pumpkin. Then, put your hand inside the pumpkin to grab all the seeds. Also, try to keep the inside of the pumpkin very clean till there is nothing inside filled with seeds. Last, throw away your seeds and your gloves with your trash bag or newspaper that you took from the inside of the pumpkin to trash can.

Step 3: Sketch/carved Out Your Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

First, grab your pencil and knife. Next, place your pumpkin somewhere clean. Then, get your pencil start sketching your eyes into a triangle form. Next, sketch your mouth into a wide mouth with 2 tooth shape like a rectangle. After that, start carving your eyes shape and mouth. Lastly, throw away the eyes and mouth that you just carved from the pumpkin. (Note, use superglue if one of your "rectangle" tooth gets cut off)

Step 4: How to Play the Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Game

1. Player stands some distance in front of the pumpkin

2. Player should toss through the holes of the eyes/mouth/nose, each player have 4 chances

3. 4 points are awarded of the Nose hole, 3 points for the mouth, 2 points for the left eye, 1 points for the right eye

4. Player scores most points wins

5. Have fun!!!

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