Introduction: The Pumpkin Savory Sweet

This is fun and easy and can also be healthy if u add brown sugar instead of white sugar. This is a yummy exotic Indian dish

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

Quarter of shredded pumpkin or u can shred the pumpkin
Clarified butter
Cardamon powder

Step 2: How to Make Pumpkin Savory Sweet

First shred the pumpkin if u didn't.Then add the clarified butter into the pan and once the clarified butter is hot, add the pumpkin and saute

Step 3:

After 10 mins of waiting add 1cup of milk and let it cool for sometime.Then add the cardoman

Step 4:

After the sugar and mix it well.let the sugar melt and cook it well.until it becomes dry

Step 5:

Now fry the cashew and the raisins in the clarified butter separately in a small pan or something else. After the cashew becomes a little bit brown that's how u know it's ready to add into the pumpkin. Then add the fried cashew and the raisins in the Pumpkin.

Step 6: It's Ready and Some Tip and Fun Fact

Now the yummy pumpkin is ready to be served to ur friends or family or ur self.
Here is a tip make sure u mix the pumpkin Savory sweet time to time so it doesn't end up buring
Here is a fact when it gets to stage 5 before u add the nuts and everything when it's thick and ready it can be used as a pumpkin pie filling

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