Introduction: The Q-Pick Blowgun

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If you're like me, you always love making little gadgets and stuff out of trash or stuff around the house. Here is the Q-Pick Blowgun instructions! Strike fear into the hearts of your foe! Dont let it's size fool you, this blowgun can pierce cardboard and is made out of stuff you should find around the office or house. By making this you will learn how to use tools and measurments, basic stuff. Play safe and have fun, here's how to make it! :)

Step 1: The Materials You Need!

For this project you will need:

3 Pens

4 Q-Tip Ear Swabs

8 Toothpicks

A Sports Drink or Milk Jug Lid

A Toothpaste or Lipbalm Cap

2 Paperclips

And (Of course!) DuckTape!



Hobby knife or blade

Needle nose pliers

Hot glue gun (optional)

Step 2: Pen Dissection!

Time to take apart your pens! Remove the nose, ink cartridge and end cap, and discard everything except the pen tube. Repeat with the other two. Make sure the inside of the tube is smooth and nothing is in the way, as if you were to use it like a straw.

Step 3: Connecting the Tubes!

Take the hollow tubes you took apart from your pens and line them up perfectly so that it is flush and smooth on the inside, basically making a long straw. Then wrap it all up with duck tape! Make sure it's steady and strong but dont use too much.

Step 4: Add the Paperclips!

Now get out your needle nose pliers and twist the paperclips into a straight line. Line them up with your long tube at the intersecting points of your pens under the duct tape. The point of this is to reinforce and strengthen your pen housing so that it stays straight and doesn't bend. Add more duct tape over the paperclip attaching the paperclip to the tube.

Step 5: I Tip My Cap to You Sir!

Take your sports drink cap and get out your hobby knife. Cut a hole in the middle slightly larger than the pen so that it may slide onto the pen but still be snug.

Step 6: Tiny Hole Carving

Now make 8 tiny holes evenly spaced apart around the edges of the cap, just big enough for toothpicks to fit through, if they're a little big thats okay. 

Step 7: Time to Brush

Take your toothpaste cap or lip balm lid and carve a hole in the middle big enough for the pen to snugly fit through. This step is very similar to that of the last steps.

Step 8: Its Ammo Time!

Time to construct your blowgun ammo! Take your Q-tip and cut it in half. Take one of the halves and shove the toothpick into the hard end of the half swab. Then securely wrap in duck tape!

Step 9: Some Assembly Required

Time to assemble! Take your lids and slide them onto the tube around 3 to 4 inches away from the end as shown. Optional, use a hot glue gun to secure in place.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Almost done! Take your ammo and push them into the blowgun dart holder as shown, that way you can have up to 8 ammo when you're playing with it! Then add some duct tape of your choice and customize it, I used some green stripes on mine :) Have fun and be safe, hope you enjoyed this ible! Please like if you want more and please be sure to vote for me in the contests! Have a great day!

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