Introduction: The Reclaimed Coat Hanger

Okay so as you can see i made a coat hanger from a two by one, reclaimed log, 5 dowel rods, and a small piece of ply wood, and here are the steps how.

Step 1: How to Make a Coat Hanger

SIDE NOTE 1: VERY IMPORTANT; If you're going to paint the log or anything on it do that before assembling it.

SIDE NOTE 2: NOT SO IMPORTANT; if you notice in my picture there was a notch drilled out in the back that's for a metal coat hanger to go in the back so you can hang your keys or whatever you want on it so it can be hidden by the coats.

step one: find a log (any log) a two by whatever measurement you want (or don't use one depending on how the log is shaped) a small square of ply wood, and last but not least five dowel rods.

step two: take your log and cut it to the desired length (make sure it can fit the dowel rods with at least a 1.5 inch space between them and a mini chalk board)<- optional.

step three: grab the ply wood and cut to a size that will fit the log, and cut out a space that is big enough to fit the ply wood attach the ply wood with any screws you want that fit through the ply wood and into the log.

step four: drill five holes that are as thick as the dowel rods and hammer the dowel rods into place.

step five: take your extra piece of wood and make sure it is the length of the log, if it is make two pilot holes one on each side and drill through the log and piece of wood, now you can drill on that piece of wood grab a drink and call it a day.

Step 2: