Introduction: The Red Book of Westmarch the Hobbit Lord of the Rings Book Leather

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Step 1: Materials

Things you need :

1.Red Leather



4.Glue gun

5.Marker ( Brown or Black) (I used Black)

6.Glue for paper

7.A strip of cardboard ( Red)



Step 2: Cut the Leather

Cut out the leather the size you want ( I made it like A4 paper but (2 cm bigger each side)

Step 3: Making Papers Look Older

Put the papers into coffee or tea, let them dry.

Step 4: Glue Them

Place the papers together by a clip and then apply the glue for paper. Let them dry. Do the same thing 2 or 3 times until you think the papers wont come out.

Step 5: Cut

Cut out a strip of cardboard and attach it to the leather by Glue gun. Let it dry. About 30 cm.

Step 6: Design

Practice the design and then draw it on the leather with Brown marker or you can draw the design on a paper and press it on the leather that the design can be seen on the leather then you can draw with marker and your design is done

Step 7: Glue

Then with the Glue gun attach the papers to the cardboard.

Step 8: Cut

Cut 4 strings of leather.

Step 9: Cut

Cut a line that your string can get through.

Step 10: Make Holes

. Make holes on the leather and then like the image sew them. Sew them like (X).

Step 11:

And you are done!!

Hope you enjoyed it if so it would be a pleasure that vote me!

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