The Return of the Potato Horse...the Unicorns




Introduction: The Return of the Potato Horse...the Unicorns

About: Hi fans of the potato horses! After two years we're back! Stay tuned!

Step 1: Intro: the Return

After almost 2 years, the potato horses are back! This time it's their cousins! The potato UNICORNS. They come distant planet called Magric and have come to visit their family for a while. Only 2 of their cousins have come to visit

Step 2: The Face of the First Unicorn

Step 3: The Arms

Step 4: The Body and Legs

Step 5: Now the Face, Hair and Clothes

Step 6: Now for the Most Important Part...

Now the potato unicorns are special....their unicorn horn is at the back of their head! Finished! His name is Corololo

Step 7: Now the Second Unicorn

I'll just skip most o the steps...
Add the head and arms

Step 8: Add the Body and Legs

Step 9: Add Details

Now your finished!!!!! Her name is Poleeqwa

Step 10:

All done! Hopefully the unicorns will have a good vacation

Stay tuned

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    4 Discussions

    Johnny J
    Johnny J

    5 years ago

    Superb, as always. ?


    5 years ago

    Are they related to Charlie?


    5 years ago

    @Johnny j