Introduction: The Ring of Light

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Need a tool, build a tool is the mantra I follow. Once more I had a need for this tool. A Ring of Light. I went to the store and the price scared me at my core. I then went to swapmeet and saw a childs toy with all these L.E.Ds . I took it and decided to give it a new purpose. After de-soldering all L.E.Ds i went to my computer and designed a custom PCB. This tutorial uses the Iron Transfer method (which will not be covered here).

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

We need a couple of things. Most important is we need to print the base. I have provided The SketchUp Files for the base and PCB if you have access to C.N.C.


Circle cutter

Drill/Drill Press
Soldering Iron


10k Resistor
Copper Clad Board
L.E.Ds (Schematic calls for 21)

Step 2: Cut the Circle

Here are the schematics and board layout. They are EagleCad Files. Take a look see if you want to make any changes. I have also provided a PDF version. Which you will need to print out to apply it to the copper clad board using the Iron Transfer method (this method will not be covered here). Once you have transferred it over Attach the circle cutter to your drill press or drill and begin to cut out tat the outer diameter. Once Done cut the inner diameter. You should end up with a PCB like in the pictures.

Step 3: Drill the Holes... Add the L.E.Ds

With our drill press or drill we will need to drill out the holes for the resistor , wires and L.E.Ds. Pace yourself and be careful. Once you have drilled out the holes add all of the L.E.Ds. Turn over and Solder each one in place. Remember to follow the schematic and L.E.D orientation.

Step 4: Some Wire and Resistor

Now take the wire and place it through the top side like shown in the schematic. Now add the 10k resistor. turn the board over and solder wire and resistor in place.

Step 5: Base Prep and We Are Done!

Now we need to take the Base we printed out. Add the screws to grab it self to the lens on pipe which you will attach it to. Take a look at the picture. Now we simply place the PCB over the base and we are done. You can add a battery pack or CellPhone charger to power the L.E.Ds.

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