Introduction: The Blue Rope Chair

A project about repairing a broken chair.

By Olivia Sahl

Step 1: Find an Old Chair Thats Missing Something

I was really lucky to find this chair at a thrift store for free!

Step 2: Find a 10mm Thick Rope

At first i wanted to cover the hole chair in rope, but the metal part of the chair was actually in nice condition so i had to show it.

I found this nice blue 10mm rope from my local hardware store, but the ideal would deffently be to find rope at a thrift store to have a 100% environmentally friendly chair.

You also need a 0,6mm thin polyester thread to close the ends of the rope.

Of course you could always switch up the colours according to your taste.

Step 3: Get Weaving!

I started of by securing the rope to the chair with a clove hitch in the right corner og the chair.

Then you pull the rope around the one side and then over to the other side. I had to continue this process 17,5 times to cover the seat of the chair.

Then i closed of the weaving by doing a clove hitch in both corners of the chair.

Know the rope is secured on the chair.

Step 4: The White Closings

To close of the ends you have to twist the thin white thread around the ends in 2 layers, and then melt it in place. You also have to melt the thick end of the rope to correctly secure it.

Step 5: The Missing Metal Rod Replacement

My chair had a missing metal rod and that is being replaced with the blue rope.

Firstly you have to drill a hole which the rope can come though. I used a 10mm drill and then filled the edges.

Then tie a clove hitch on the top of the chair and then just a normal knot in the other end.

And then do the last melting and twisting to close op the ends of the rope.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Chair!

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