Introduction: The SSPP ( Short Stroke Power Pistol)

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I was fed up with the knex pistols that would break the ram if you put on too many elastics.
So i decided to fix that problem. The answer was this. I have had no problem with two much power on this gun ( I have put 6 elastic bands on without it breaking.)
The gun has a 8 shot mag and a 80 feet range with three bands on it.
As a bonus this is one of the smallest pistols on instructables that has a decent range.
Just ask if you have any problems.
Some people don't believe that I got 80 feet with this gun. I really did I used raly strong bands
1. The pistol

Step 1: What You Need

1-2. The Pistol
3-4. What you need
5-6. close up on the handle\ barrel\ body
7-8. The trigger.
9. The ram.

Step 2: Making the Gun.

Just follow the pics.

Step 3: Adding the Elastics.

1. Put the elastics on the rod with the gears and spacers and stretch back to the orange connector on the ram
2. How far back the ram goes