Introduction: The Straw Flyer

This is where we left off. In my last instructable, we made an index card drone (, it flew exceptionally well, but wasn't the most aerodynamic, in this instructable, we will build another plane of a similar style, but of a different design. Let's get started!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

First of all, you will need a few materials to get started.

- ! roll of tape

- Scissors

- Sturdy Straw (In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, and McDonalds have strong ones) (1x)

- Ruler (inches)

- 3x5 Index cards (4x)

- Pencil

Step 2: Making the Rear End

The back fo the plane is a fairly simple process, Take one of the index cards, and find the center of it, divide it into 4 sections, and depending on how wide you want your plane to be, mark the length of it and draw a circle of that radius. In the example, I didn't make the circle that big. Now, on the sides of each paper, draw 2 points equidistant on both ends of the wing, connect the opposite ends of the circle to the two points. (Look at photos for help)

Step 3: Copying the Wing

It's time to make two of the same back wing now. The easiest way is to put the two index cards on each other, tape the corners down, and cut them. (Remember how in elementary school when you would make Valentinesday hearts by folding a paper in half and cutting one side to double the shape into a heart? Same idea(: )

This will be the same procedure for the front fins of the plane too.

Step 4: Front of the Plane

The front and back fins of the plane are geometrically similar, but not congruent. We will be recreating the back wings in a smaller size. Follow examples above. Same copying technique applies here.

Step 5: Assembly

Now this should be self-explanatory, but here's how to do it. Take the Large wing and choose one end of the straw and lay it down the center of the wing. Tape it down. Now take the copied wings and tape them to their counterparts as shown.

Step 6: