Introduction: Index Card Paper Drone [3x5 Card]

Hey! My first post so just getting the feels around here...I decided to start with a single post.

Here's a paper airplane I thought out on my own. This is easy to make and fun to play with. NOTE: Throw the plane lightly without brute force.

I didn't include any dimensions because the key is to be perfectly symmetrical. Any design works, the catch to this drone is the thin "railing"/body of the plane.

Step 1: Find a 3x5 Index Card.

Any will work.

Step 2: Fold in Half.

Step 3: Draw the Design of Your Plane.

You will be cutting this out evenly, but there is usually a ±0.1mm offset, which we DON'T want. Key is symmetry. In this case, we use tape to line the edge of the ½ folded plane.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Finalized Design.

Step 5: Make Layers on the Front Tip of Your Plane That You Will Later Fold.

This is for the counterweight. It valences the plane and helps its aerodynamic gliding motion.

Step 6: Fold the Rail/body of the Plane Like Any Other Paper Airplane.

The trick to this plane is that the thin rail/body aids with the flying. There is little to none weight dragging the plane downwards.

Step 7: Finished Product!

To fly this plane, grab it by the middle of the rail, and start at a higher altitude and give a subtle forward motion flick of your wrist. The best use for this is indoors like in a classroom or at home. It has magnificent precision. It's also very discreet and quiet, no one will hear the plane.

Step 8: