Introduction: The Sunset Painting

This is a painting of a sunset using a variety of colors and techniques.

Step 1:

Add all the paint you need to a plate and gather all materials.

Step 2:

Add a line of dark blue at the top of your canvas.

Step 3:

Next, add a light blue line underneath the dark blue line and blend.

Step 4:

Then, add a purple line underneath the light blue line and blend.

Step 5:

Now, add a red line under the purple line and blend.

Step 6:

Now, after you have blended the red line, add an orange line underneath the red one, and then a yellow line underneath the orange one. Make sure to leave white space at the bottom.

Step 7:

Leaving a white space at the bottom, blend all the colors above to make a sunset

Step 8:

Next, add black to the white space making sure there is no white left. Create a hill effect with the black paint.

Step 9:

Next, paint in the trees using black paint and make sure it is on top of the hill. Also, add a sun where the yellow and black meet using white paint.

Step 10:

Then, add clouds in the sky, like two or three as seen in the picture.

Step 11:

Now, add birds in the sky.

Step 12:

Finally, add hot air balloons silhouettes into the painting with black paint.