Introduction: The Takedown a Knex Assault Rifle

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My goal while making this gun was to provide a flexible gun that can do many different jobs and I think I succeeded but that's up to you to decide!!

The takedown caries a 12 round green rod orange connector green rod (or blue rods in a pinch) mag. The mag is sma and fits high into the gun so that the mag doesn't touch the ground when using an internal mag pusher (only holds 10 rounds when using this) while the charging handle in the enclosed stock gives the gun a very good rate of fire.

This gun was meant to be a smaller and simpler than blue mullets WEAPON OF WAR. The gun trades rate of fire and rod size for compactness and reliability (the wow is reliable but it will be hard to fix something that breaks on it compared to the takedown)


Here's some stats:

12 round removable mag (ten with internal pusher)
45 ft with 4 #117 bands
Charging handle
Pin guide
COOL design

**IMPORTANT** tomorrow is the first day of high school for me :((( this means that the amount of posts made by me will slow down or completely stop for some time please understand this!