Introduction: The Thunder Cloud

In this tutorial the materials you will need are


Bottle or any round object which can fit lights.

led's, lights or some sort of programming for the lights to work.

Hot glue gun or any type of strong glue Glue

Makey Makey

breadboard if you want to test that the led lights work

Step 1: Making the Lighting Cloud

It doesn't really matter the size of the bottle unless you want a huge realistic cloud using 10 to 20-liter bottle. Using the smaller half liter bottles are fine too. When you have your bottle put the glue all over the bottle. Make sure to have your cotton ready and take the bottle cap off. When adding the cotton make sure that you don't cover the bottle cap that's where the led's go in also when it comes to adding the cotton make sure to fluff it up as if it were a real cloud and fill in empty spaces so that when the light seeps through the cloud it looks like a lightning cloud.

Step 2: The Final Touches

This is what the cloud should look like or one of many ways the cloud should look like when you have your Led's ready put them in the bottle set it up using a string hooked through the bottle and attach it to any ceiling hook turn off your lights to make it more effective and watch the magic.