Introduction: The Ultimate Table Saw Fence

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Hi,I've made a new fence for my table saw out of hardwood, its in the Biesemeyer style.I built it on a 300 mm x 50 mm Aluminium angle.

Please look at my youtube video on blade alignment where I've explained wedging a straight edge in the mitre channel.

Step 1: Shaping Fence Base

Ripped the base down but shaped the bottom into a L shape for stability .

Step 2: Fixing the Channel Angle

I Fixed the base on the Aluminium angle with hot melt glue before self tapping through the angle into the base.

Step 3: Gluing Base

I've warmed the Aluminium in my kitchen oven so that i had time to square it up and clamp it before the glue set

Step 4: Building the Fence

Build the fence on top of the base keeping the build tight to the straight edge, when fixing the cross members leave enough room for your push sticks.

The front of my fence is about 1,5 mm from the table top to allow for saw dust

Step 5: The Lock Mechanism

The lock mechanism is a flat bar with a bolt fixed to it and the turn knob is shop made with a nut trapped inside.

You could use a large head coach bolt

I routed a channel for the fence lock to slide in

Step 6: Facing the Fence With Melamine

Finally I faced the fence with Melamine after making sure that no adjustments where neded to the fence alignment i waxed the fence and the table.

For a more comprehensive view of all the steps please check out the video

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