Introduction: The WILLPOWER Summer Glove

About: WILLPOWER is a Solar/Cypherpunk AudioVisual Artist, Performer & Spiritual Creative Technologist using Light, Sound and other Invisible Forces to transcend the Matrix.

Gloves for styling, going out at night during the spring / summer / autumn, bike gloves to keep them clean from the rubber handles, and any other use you find...


- Jersey or Stretchy Cotton Material

- Sewing Machine

- Thread

- Needles

- Pliers

- Textile Scissors

- Paper Scissors

- Access to printer with A3 or 11x17 size prints

- white chalk or white pencil for outline glove shape on textile

Step 1: Download and Print This File

Print it to a size that fits your hand. To know how bit it should be in relation to your hand, look at the photo above as a reference. We all have unique hands, so if you wish, you can use the svg file and make changes for yourself.

This step requires printing tests until you get it right.

Step 2: Cutout

Once you printed the file to your hand size, use the paper scissors to cutout the shape.

Use the white chalk or white pencil to draw around the cutout paper shape on top of the textile.

Then, mirror the shape by placing it on this opposite vertical side.

You will then have the appearance of 2 hands drawn.

Cutout the textile to the shape of the drawing.

Step 3: Needle

Fold the pattern and use needles to attach them for the sewing phase.

Step 4:

Sew 4-5 millimeters from the edge

Step 5: Try Them on

Try it on.

Make any adjustements needed...

Step 6: Success

Flip them inside out and try them on again.

If no further adjustments are needed, you have successfully made your glove !

Step 7: Final Step

Now, make other one and you have a pair !

Congratulations !!!