Introduction: The White Lightning Alien Assualt Rifle

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The white lightning assualt rifle has the ability to slam your target at either 20 ft + using a mag or 30 feet + using single shot it is the design that looks like a alien rifle good feel and has a mag that holds 6 shots it shoots anywhere from blue rods to grey rods and has a good stock and is single shot but a con is that it will jam if you don't load it right.

Step 1: The Barrel

fairly easy and i already took apart the gun so i can't make anythig better

Step 2: The Trigger,mag and Firing Pin

fairly easy sould be easy to understand

Step 3: The Handle,stock and Back Sights

eashy smeeshy

Step 4: Assembly

the following part will give you steps on the pictures

Step 5: Firing and Loading

easy if you follow the steps have fun shooting and remember to comment and you can mod if you like just show me first on my orange board first please