Introduction: The Wide Use of RFID Card (Unlock PC,Gmail,Arduino)

This is my first Instructable. So in this project, I am going to making unlocking your PC with RFID & Arduino Leonardo. And today I am going to use this RFID reader to unlock my PC, make a short cut to, and short cut to our web. So let's Get Started:-


arduino leonardo x1


Step 1: Download Library

First Add MFRC522 Library to Arduino IDE

MFRC522 Library For Arduino IDE Download the library and Extract it into libraries folder in Arduino Sketch Folder


Circuit for RFID system

the RFID Scanner has 8 Pins, and we need 7 Pins from that
Arduino ---------------->RFID Scanner

D9 -----------------> Reset

D10 ------------------> SDA

D16 -----------------> MOSI

D14 -----------------> MISO

D15 -----------------> SCK

GND ----------------> GND

3.3V ------------------> 3.3V

Step 3: Code

See codes over here:

After you finish you arduino board with the rfid sensor. First upload this code into your arduino. Then, press the little microscope on the right hand side. Next, put your rfid card in front of your sensor, it will show your UID in the last row. Then, you need the copy that into your "if". Finally, select which webs you wish to go, type the URL into the top part, than you and done.

Step 4: Finished!!!

This is the project that's reformed from the original one on Arduino official website. What I did is that I changed add more functions to the rfid machine. Instead of just turn on the PC, I make it can help you open some website that you need, also if your have some websites that need your to insert username and password. You can use my codes too.