Introduction: The Wire Guy

The Wire Guy is a fun build that will take you a few days to make the cost of the build can be under $50 and that's if you don't have any of the materials already on hand.

Step 1: Supplies

For supplies you wont need to much you will need pliers (ones with ridges in them help with grip), needle nose pliers, wire cutters, copper wire, aluminum wire, some type of thicker wire, pixie lights (optional)

Step 2: The Head

Start by making a few circles to hold later wire. Once the head is well supported wrap wire around the whole thing until you have a result you like. Find a spot where the eyes will look good and make your eyes by rolling some copper wire this is the only time I use copper wire so you can put it away.

Step 3: Body and Shoulders

Use your thicker wire to make center of torso and shoulders. Wrap wire around body and shoulders also connect everything to neck. I gave his neck and body a slight hunch so he would be in a somewhat slouching position (optional)

Step 4: Thighs

Make loops for the structure of the thighs and make circle for waist (every part of thigh gets connected to waist). Fill in thighs and waist I messed up on the thighs and put a little to much wire but its mainly about your opinion.

Step 5: Leg Structure

Add supports under the parts you just built connect wire in the back tail bone area. Also make small circles for knees it is not pictured but fill in knees with wire also give the circles a slight curve to them so It looks like more of a sitting position.

Step 6: Thigh Filling

Fill in thighs with as much wire as you like until you get a result you are happy with.

Step 7: Shins

Make loops for shins bend the a little inwards for a better result. Add more wire and connect to bottom of thigh. Fill in the bottom leg areas and create small ovals for feet (not photographed). Fill in feet.

Step 8: Arms

Making the arms is mainly just about preference I made the arms a little longer compared to his body but you can do it any way you want. Fill in the arms and make hands (not photographed). The hands are also about what you like for my wire guy I gave him three fingers on each hand for a somewhat alien look.

Step 9: Pixie Lights (optional)

Wrap pixie lights around the entire build. I also used 3 strands of colored lights and made them into a ball for his brain. I put lights in his eyes to give him a lively feel.

Step 10: Admire Your Creation

Your done now but there's still many possibilities to what you can add to him. Try making him have articulation, maybe give him some clothes, or you can make him a buddy maybe a wire girl

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