Introduction: The Wonderful and Amazing Galapagos- Scene

I made this project because of a Technology assignment that I had. We had to try and represent one of Ecuador’s places or provinces. The place I represented is Galapagos and one animal that is very representative of that Province is the giant turtle. And that is what I tried to do. This was my first time using Tinkercad so it was vey hard and that is why you can se that my design wasn’t very complex. I really enjoyed the process of doing my design and I hope that I can help you recreate it by doing this instructable.

Step 1: Making Space for the Legs

The turtle has legs so even though you can’t see them from an upper view, we will still do them. To do this, elevate the semi-hemisphere so that you can add legs to the turtle later on.

Step 2: Creating the Turtle’s Body

To create the turtle’s choose the semi-hemisphere tool and place one semi-hemisphere in the middle of your working canvas. Make sure it is brown.

Step 3: Creating the Turtle’s Head

To do the head we will use the sphere tool. Create a green sphere, then elevate and locate the sphere to where a turtle’s head would normally be.

Step 4: Creating the Legs

To create the turtle’s legs, you will use the tube tool. Draw 4 tubes in the space you just created by elevating the semi-hemisphere and locate them where a turtle’s legs would normally be.

Step 5: The Details

To finish you design, chose the 3D pencil tool and write “Galapagos” and draw a swirl-like line at the bottom and you are finished!

Step 6: Making the Background Volcanoes

To do the volcanoes on the background you will pick the cone tool and create 3 different cones of 3 different colors (In the brown color range) to represent that Galapagos is a volcanic Island. And then you are finished!

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