Introduction: The Corset Pattern Generator

This is a guide to using the corset pattern generator, made by Mette Wikkelsø from

This is not a finished pattern!

The generated pattern should not be used without a mock-up, as it only takes into account the total measurements of the body, and not any asymmetries, or if the wearers bodytype varies from the corset style used.

The generator is based on the free guide to making corset pattern from Foundations Revealed.

Step 1: Get the Program

The generator is based on processing, a small program that can be downloaded from and used to program drawings. In order to use the file, you need to download the program to your computer.

Step 2: Enter in Your Measurements

Open the file 'corset_generator_version1.pde' in processing and save it. In the top of the file, there is a section marked 'enter in measurements'.

Here you enter in the different variables in millimetres:

Waist reduction

I recommend 50 mm for new users.

Horizontal measurements, that is your unreduced, uncompressed measurements.

I recommend to measure the wearer in a good bra, without any padding.

Vertical measurements, that is the distance between each horizontal measurement.

I recommend that 'waist to high hip' and 'waist to low hip' are kept at 70 and 140 mm each, and that you measure the wearer at these distances from the waistline.

Seam allowances should be your preferred.

Step 3: Name Your Pdf File and Generate It!

Scroll down in the file until you find the section 'enter the name of the pdf file'. Enter in the name you want for the pdf file.

Now you are ready to generate your pdf file with your personal pattern. Simply click the play button in the top of the program and it will be generated. A new window will open with a preview, but simply close this, and find your pdf in the same folder as the program is saved.