Introduction: The Poor Mans Aquaponic System

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this is a aquaponic system that can be made and maintained easily and built for about 15 dollars.

Step 1: Supplies

-first and most importantly you will need a glass fish bowl (i got mine from a thrift shop for 3 dollars)

-second you will need two plastic bottles a 2 liter bottle and a 5 or so liter bottle (the one i used was more of a cylinder shaped water jug)

-third aquarium piping ( You will need to sizes ,1 standard aquarium airline and 2 you will need a pipe that is at least twice the width of the airline tubing.

-fourth you will need a air pump

-filth you will need some clean stones or glass marbles or something these are used mostly to keep the plants in place

-last but not least you your plants and fish (for the fish I would recommend feeder fish or comet gold fish since they are cheap and make lots or poop for the plants and don't mind being in unheated/ basic aquariums.

Step 2: The Grow Bed

now to make the grow bed start by cutting the two bottles like in the photos and place the small bottle part into the other one like the photo.

-in smaller bottle you need a small notch cut into the side going the length of the part from the tip to close to the cap for installing the airline later and drainage.

-take the larger bottle cut a few holes for drainage and one big enough to put the airline through all the holes should be close to where the cap is.

Step 3: Assembly

-cut a small hole in the larger tubing close to end of the tube for the airline to be inserted like show in the photo.

- now put the end of the large tubing without the hole in it through the hole of the small bottle as show in above photo.

-now bring one end of the airline tubing through the hole and the notch in the two bottles

Step 4: Place Plants

-place the roots of your plants around the the mouth of the large tube.

-fill the grow bed with rocks to keep the plants in place.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

- place the top with the grow bed and turn on the aerator and put your finger by the mouth of the tubing to make sure there is water bubbling to the plants.

-now add your fish and enjoy your system

Step 6: Vote

if you like this leave a vote for the entered contests and leave a fav and a comment on how i can improve this thanks.
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