Thin Cardboard Rubber Band Gun




Introduction: Thin Cardboard Rubber Band Gun

Rubber band guns are great tools. I had played all night with a single rubber band gun before.

I made rubber band guns out of many stuff, and now I like to present, the cardboard rubber band gun.

Cardboard is great material to make rubber band guns and it is strong, durable, and very cheap.

This gun is made of only cardboard and rubber bands, dedication, and hard work.

It is earth friendly, since most of the body is made of cardboard.

This instructable will tell you how to make the cardboard rubber band gun!

 Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Make Part A

Using the diagram in this step, do some measurements and cut out some cardboard.

Make two of Part A.

Then go to the next step.

Step 2: Make Part B and C.

Using the diagram in this step, cut out the cardboard and make part B and C.
The blue area is part B and the red area is part C.
After you're done, go to the next step.

Step 3: Make the Sandwitch

Sand witch Part A and B and C.

after making a sandwich, put a rubber band. Then go to the final step.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Add  a little slit to both sides of part A so the rubber band will be hooked well.
then you're done!

Hope you'll enjoy your cardboard rubber band gun!

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    Mahmoud Alaa
    Mahmoud Alaa

    9 years ago on Introduction

    here is mine but i didn't make a trigger so i can shot many rubber bands in one shot like auto


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great creativity which creativity can go a long way which I have extreme social value for creativity as much as you like cardboard, it's more to enjoy with a diferient material with difreint material to make things even better because it could potentally make it more durable , stronger ,tougher, etc which is what you want but that depends on what material you want thanks for recording it it's a great way to rememeber things so you do have to try to rememeber it through your head all day although this is already a common idea which is still could easily partially in a way of an't nessarly in it's own way one or another see there's something like it on a woodworking project it's just like a experimenter learns more than a library person who never trys things and does drilling (drilling is the practice and training of a skill) also please excuse my spelling , grammer, vocabulary, and English because I could not copy and paste my own comment into a document program and do spelling and grammer thanks and have a graced ,chilling and milling weekend