Introduction: Things Protector Using LinkitONE

Hiiii.......this is what I promised to make with LinkitONE and finally I made it...........!!!!!!! It took about 2 weeks to build my own android app...
Basically how it works is......You have to Install an APP in your smartphone and connect it to LinkitONE via Bluetooth thats it (the app and LinkitONE will take care of the rest)... So when the Smartphone and the LinkitONE are within 10 meters range (Bluetooth Working Range) App shows that Your thing is safe....if their distance exceeds 10 meters they both produces an alarm..!!!
One can Keep the LinkitONE Hidden inside the Bag/Suitcase or any other things to be protected..... So when someone steals our bag and run, your app and the LinkitONE inside the bag alert us so you can Chase him and catch.....Even the LinkitONE produces alarm, so the thief throws our bag and tries to Escape.. anyhow our bag is safe :P
This can also help in situations where the user may left his\her bag unconsciously in restaurants,Hotels ,etc

Step 1: Components Required

For this you just require one LinkitONE set, Smartphone and a little Speaker(can also use buzzer)

Step 2: Making

just connect Bluetooth antenna with LinkitONE board and connect the board to USB of laptop or PC and just upload the code below
LinkitONE code

Download and Install the APP below
Things Protector

now go to settings in your smartphone and open Bluetooth settings and turn it on and enable visibility
Click search for available Bluetooth devices and pair with your LinkitONE device name (can be found in the code)
now open App and press connect button and it lists the paired devices, click the LinkitONE device name......
thats it Done....!!!

Now when the distance between your smartphone and LinkitONE is more than 10 meters both produces alarm

attach battery provided with the LinkitONE...I have attached a headset to LinkitONE to check the alarm sound, as its just a prototype.. you can attach speakers to it

Keep the entire setup inside your bag or any others thing to protect them........

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