Introduction: ThinkIt

First, I started with some ideas. As I was sitting in my house, not being able to see anyone because of quarantine, I became overwhelmed. Not only did I feel alone, I had no one to talk to. So I had this idea, ThinkIt!

It's an app that allows its users to use it as an emotional outlet. It allows you to write what you're thinking, or feeling, any time of the day. This allows the user to let their emotions out, while being in quarantine! So, the idea is that ThinkIt serves as a virtual journal!

It isn't news that depression rates have gone drastically up since being in solitude, and my app can help with that. Whether believing in writing down your problems or not, it can always help.

Step 1: ThinkIt Writing Space

When opening the app, it brings you to this page. This page is where the user writes, or types, whatever they want to. They can write whatever makes them feel better, whether it be sayings or quotes they can look back on, or just how they feel in that moment.

It gives you unlimited space to write, any time of the day or night.

Step 2: ThinkIt Icons

Everyday the date automatically changes, for organization purposes. They can keep the writings to themselves, or share them with other users.

The writings automatically save. If the user wants to keep the writings to themselves, then they have a 100% secure space to do that.

However, if they want to share, all the have to do is press the + icon in the top right corner, type in the username they want to share with, and press send. Then they can wait for a response. By clicking the mail icon, in the top left corner, they can see if they have any responses, or new mail!

Step 3:

In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a book icon. When pressing this, it will give the user all their past entries. They can look back and read them, delete them, and even share them.

Not only is this giving people another way to communicate, its giving people a chance to express how they are feeling. This is a safe environment for everyone, which is especially useful in a pandemic.

Step 4: Final Product- ThankIt

This is the final mobile app. This is a safe haven for users, a place without judgement. When not being able to go anywhere for months, living in fear, it can be useful to have an outlet. My app is this outlet.