Introduction: Wild Flowers

I started painting again when school closed. This painting is based on nature, like most of my paintings. Because we can't really do anything, I painted the only thing we could appreciate. These yellow wild flowers, with leaves, and vines are going into the light (sun). I makes me feel that there is always a way out, even after all of this!

Step 1: Scene From Nature

This painting is of a scene of colorful flowers, a walk way, trees, mountains, and a blue sky. It was inspired by the feeling of peace. It's a peaceful painting, full of subtle colors. My heart, and head, goes to ease when I see it. This one took me the longest!

Step 2: Boot Flowers

This one was fun! I painted this in honor of my uncle. He passed away 2 years ago, so on his birthday (April 14th) I painted this for him. His favorite color was orange, and my favorite memory is when he took our only shoes and planted flowers in them. It was something so small that made us so happy. I gave this to my grandma, she loved it. This one means the most to me.

Step 3: Vacationing

A sunset sky, with birds, and palm trees. This represents how my family is able to travel whenever we can, usually. Recently we can't leave the house, and this has me missing every moment of every vacation we took. This shows that hopefully things will come back to some type of normal, because even though the world is changed forever, we still need something to look forward to.

Step 4: Old to New

This was an old lamp shade that I wanted to up-cycle, my mom was throwing it away. I painted flowers all around the bottom, different colors and types. This was something I had never done before. It can from a feeling that things can be beautiful, even when they began plain. I find myself painting how I feel on a certain day, and this really does capture how I felt. Without being able to see family or friends, painting is the way I can release my feelings.

Step 5: ArtistStatement

Hi, my name is Brooke Chapple. I’m a sophmore in the STEM Program at Meyers. My art means so much to me. They are how I express everything, if I’m sad, happy, excited, nervous, angry, anything you can think of. I’m on the Speech & Debate team, and I’m also a founder of the Robotics team. That alone causes me to stress out so much, but what teenager doesn’t, they say it comes with responsibility. My paintings have allowed me to have an outlet to not be stressed, and just be me. They all have meaning behind them. I started painting when I was small, but I stopped a few years ago. I’m not sure why, I guess I lost time, but these past 2 months I have been able to start again. Every specific painting has a specific meaning, so in the Instructable, I put a description on why I painted it, what I felt, and what it means. I love Speech & Debate and Robotics, but art gives me a break!

I lost my creative side a few years ago, so I would like to thank the STEM program and especially Mr. Eberts for letting me find who I am again. Without him and the program, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. He has impacted my life so much, and pushes me to be the best me I possibly can be. He trusts me with such big responsibilities, I have become more open-minded and independent. I owe my art to the program! Thank you for giving me this opportunity! Have a great day!